Friday, 25 May 2012

Thank goodness for that

I passed my exams, I am deemed safe enough and competent enough to be an almost-doctor. But of course I am not yet a doctor, because I have the first-attempt re-take still to go in five weeks' time.

I've just passed four big exams, which should be a celebration, but all I can feel is relief: thank God for that, thank God that's over, thank God I don't have to do that again. Oh and hooray for me as well? Maybe. Not so sure about that bit.

The full extent of my celebrating has been having a cream tea yesterday, and a fancy readymeal from Waitrose. All of my friends who actually are now doctors (no re-takes for them) must have gone big on the celebrations yesterday, but they'll just have to join me in my celebrations come July. Or they won't because when I get my results, we'll all be on holiday.... but July can be my big party.

The only extra benefit of these results is that it gives more weight to the argument that my failure in January was the medical school's fault, not mine. Their "mishap" did throw me off, and now that I'm over that, nothing can throw me now.

There's very little to stop me now - four weeks of exam preparation, which is all re-learning things that I already know, and then time to ace the re-take, which I fully intend to. Medical school in its simplest form is five years, and when I started I was told it costs £250,000 to train a doctor (it's probably a fair bit more now). So after we passed each year, there were various claims of "I'm now two fifths a doctor!" or my favourite "I am now worth £100,000" (after passing two years).
So now that I've done 4 years and 34 weeks (out of 40) of a 5 year course (let's not include my extra years, for simplicity's sake - they weren't strictly medicine), that makes me 97% a doctor. And 97% of quarter of a million is £242,500 - that's what I'm worth! That's got to be something to celebrate... it's too much money for anyone to want to waste (though it wouldn't be the first time) so I am going to ace the June exam. With bells on.

Watch this space for the mega-big-time-party-celebration in July. In the meantime, thank goodness for that.

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