Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Attempting to Access Adult Asperger Support Services Part 1

The Family Cracking-up-and-significant-breakdown Prevention Project (in family, I don't include my father - he's far too in his own head and own world to notice anything going on around him that could cause cracking up. That sounds like an insult; it's not, it's just how things are): so far, so good.

Whilst on an employability training scheme year, run by a special school, my sister spent a few nights at a residential independence skills training organisation, and that organisation will very happily take her again, on a regular basis. No prior assessments or referrals required. Hooray!

But this is only funded if she has a social worker. She last had a social worker under Children's Services. However, being a disabled and vulnerable child with a learning difficulty, requiring a social worker, seemingly does not mean one will become a disabled and vulnerable adult, with a learning difficulty, requiring a social worker. So she doesn't have one, and my next task is to get her one.

Once we've got her one, accessing this regular residential service should be easy, as the council's social services accept that independence training saves them a lot of money when the young person comes to move to a more independent place of living. A more independent person (as a result of independence training) requires less support, saving the council money.

So Part 2 will be obtaining a social work assessment. No idea how easy that will be or how long it will take.

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