Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I keep my visions to myself

Guess the song lyrics title at the bottom....

The night before last I dreamt that I'd found a patient, a rather mad lady who clearly needed some help, just outside a hospital (that looked a bit like Berlin Tegel airport somehow), but I couldn't get any phone signal to call an ambulance. So I had to take the patient into a hospital waiting room while I got some help, and I couldn't find any. I was upset that I couldn't help her. Somehow much later on someone pointed out that I could take her to Accident & Emergency, and I was so relieved, but also very worried at how I'd managed to forget that A&E existed....

Last night I dreamt there was a very special revision lecture happening. I spent a long time trying to find out who was giving it, trying to track them down, and find out where the revision lecture was. This somehow related to a wall hanging. But I couldn't find the lecture, or who the lecturer might be (I was looking amongst friends and acquaintances, rather than anyone who actually is a lecturer), and I got very stressed about it.

If I carry on like this the nights for the next few weeks will be very interesting. And stressful. Why I didn't feel at all able to help the patient in the first dream I don't know, maybe it reflects my lack of confidence. And maybe the fact that I was so desparately searching for the revision lecture reflects my lack of sel-motivation and need to have people teach me rather than me learning anything for myself.

I hope I get some more sleep than this in the next few weeks though, I'm going to need it.

Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac. Who are wonderful (and were not in anyway murdered or destroyed by Glee - in fact that episode reminded me how amazing Fleetwood Mac's music is and made me dig out my old CDs)

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