Saturday, 16 June 2012

Breaking the stereotype?

At the medical school's graduation ball last night, for medical students/soon to be doctors and their guests, and some faculty, most of whom are doctors, there were some speeches and presentations made. By far the biggest applause of the night, with a standing ovation from the whole room (about 170 people), and two giant bouquets of flowers, were not for any doctors at all, but for two nurses.

Two nurses who were both previously intensive care nurses and are now clinical skills facilitators, and teach us so much of what we need to know, and if any of us save the life of someone who's seriously ill in August, it will be thanks to them. In fact for many of us, passing all the exams and becoming doctors at all is thanks to them. Especially for us re-takers, as one of the two nurses oversees the re-take program and eggs us on through this tough few weeks.

They completely deserved their applause and flowers and all our thanks, and it made me think because doctors and nurses don't traditionally have the best relationship, and sadly the culture is still one were some doctors look down their noses at nurses, but last night there were over 100 new doctors with more gratitude and respect for two nurses than they've ever had for any doctors.

Hopefully we'll take that gratitude and respect with us into our many different hospital workplaces, and whenever we meet and work with other nurses, and particularly if we're frustrated or challenged by them, we'll remember the gratitude and respect we had for the two nurses who got us there.

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