Friday, 17 June 2011

Look at me I'm such a prolific writer

The title is heavily sarcastic since I'm still struggling on with writing the applications.

A positive that I meant to add: I was reading the old posts, and how miffed I had previously been about having to give presentations in pairs when everyone else knows each other and has friends, and that I'd have a horrible time every rotation trying to find a partner... not so! In haem/onc there were 4 of us without partners who got together after someone asked (turned out there were a few others no there at that point), one of which was my previous partner, but we tactfully agreed that working with new people was better, so I worked fairly successfully with someone else. No prizes again, but the presentation was functional and practical, whilst other people's were fascinating.
Neuro we could do it in groups, so I worked with the two that is was grouped with for clinics - made life easy. Again no prizes, but I know something about the pituitary now so yay for that.
Derm was individual presentations (I presented my mum!! She conveniently happened to have a major skin thing during my derm rotation, and was more interesting than lots of the patients I met! Also I got a good insight into how it affected the life of a patient...) and ENT I have to write a case report. Which is due next week so I should get on that pretty damn soon!
Next rotation may have a presentation but things are not as cliquey as I first thought so I don't really care.

I had posted previously that I wanted a prize so I could it on academic foundation applications... well applications are now, and prizes awarded in August. So it doesn't even matter.

In other thoughts - do I shout about working for a drug company on my job applications or not? It was lots of useful experience, but evil pharma has a bad reputation. Dilemma.

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