Sunday, 15 April 2012

Procrastination is killing my blog

Not because I procrastinate about writing blogposts, it's more a matter of finding time. But I have a massive amount of work to do - have had since end of Feb, will have til end of June. And although I've finally handed everything in and all that remains is finals, I am very bad at getting work done. So I've blocked the entire internet for the daytimes, and blocked Facebook and blog sites into the evening - including my own blog. Also blocked everything overnight to minimise the preventions to a normal sleep pattern. Leechblock is wonderful when you have no willpower (and when it works and FireFox works - mostly).
Yes I could write in Word and just post online in my permitted two minutes (in every two hours) but given the current situation of my lack of revision, would be very risky.

I still write blogs in my head on a regular basis. Not that there's much point - that's just an internal monologue.

But right now I'm on a train, on my phone - which will prevent excessive waffling since typing on this is slow and frustrating.

I probably should try to blog more often, it might be a bit cathartic and help reduce stress levels, which, pre-finals, are definitely on the way up.
I have lots of planned blogs. Making time for them to materialise would require lots of organisation... you never know.

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