Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thank god for OSCE chocolate

If the Daily Mail knew how much confectionery I consumed today, paid for with taxpayers' and NHS money**, they'd have a field day. Though if it gets me through the exam, which gets me to being a doctor, that's for the good of the country, right?!?

**Before anyone who might read this says it's paid for from university fees, final year medical students don't pay them. The NHS do. (However, the NHS student bursary I receive pays for any other chocolate I eat, so maybe it's all much of a muchness.)

OSCE = Observed (or objective?!) structured clinical examination. ie practical exam in which I pretend to be a real doctor, usually with actors but sometimes real patients, and get marked on how good I am at pretending, and therefore whether I should be allowed to do it for real. Each bit lasts about 10 minutes, each exam has that 10-16 times over. Mega stressful.

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