Friday, 16 September 2011

And the good news

All that stress and faff in June has paid off. Some important people (who must surely be of questionably sound mind) have decided that I am deemed trustworthy and responsible enough to be given a job. A real, proper doctor job. Where I have responsibility not just for patients, but for children (who are patients) - the academic focus is in Child Health. And whilst the location is unexciting (there are plenty of reasons why I rejected the offer to study medicine there!) and was far down my list of 3 areas, it's the only one I got interviewed for and it's a darn sight better than the mystery lucky dip that is MTAS. Writing the "white space" questions would be a thoroughly traumatic experience, and my chances of scoring well and being where I want to be would be very low. So here goes.. I'll be off to this new job in August next year for two years. First I have to decide what rotations to do in the first year, by Monday. Obs & Gynae or Intensive Care?

Just goes to show that forgetting to mention at interview that I'd been invited to present my research at an international conference is not the end of the world. And rambling on about a man in Wales who is a paediatric palliative consultant, paediatric oncologist, paediatrics lecturer and children's hospice doctor, and telling the panel which included a paediatric oncologist how I wanted that man's life, seemingly did not put them off. Maybe I just looked endearingly enthusiastic.
I also rambled on about my museum job (that I love), which seemed to go down well too - medicine is not everything!

Of course the whole "being a doctor" is a reason to pass finals, but having a specific, and good, job to go to does give extra incentive to pass everything. So I shall put that 30-40 hours in October that everyone else will be spending tearing their hair out about MTAS, doing purposeful things like revising and learning all about what a heart attack is, as I felt very stupid in teaching today.

All in all, I should be super duper excited about this. And not just excited about not having to do MTAS! I'm getting there. Though I found calling up home (family home) and telling dad, who has been out of work for 4 months without much success at jobfinding, "hey I've got a job!!!!!!!!!" a little awkward. It feels like it should be the other way round, him getting the job and me doing whatever I do. I know the family are all really happy for me though. Specially now they've worked out what the job is - took a little while, even though they helped with the applications!

I'm going to attempt to find the anaesthetist registrar who is conveniently now at the same regional hospital as me and give him a bottle of wine or something next week. Without him I wouldn't have stood a chance at the practical assessment.

There was conveniently a chocolate pudding in my flat which I combined with Torchwood for celebration, and bought myself a box of blueberries. Blueberries always bring happy memories, or a good time, I think they're well deserved today. Going out to celebrate would have been fun, but of the 3 friends I have who live in this city and aren't busy being doctors in other towns, one is on the other side of the world, one in London, and one busy, but the solitary celebration was still ok. And tasty.

Anyway, woop-di-doo for me.

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