Monday, 22 November 2010

scared already

I am shot scared about tomorrow. It's a teaching ward round, which involves arriving an hour before the consultant, "clerking" a patient (taking their entire life history, expertly of course), presenting this to the consultant and hoping you did ok. That sounds scary enough, but the bit I'm petrified about is the clerking bit. It essentially involves harangueing (sp?) a sick person for an hour at 8 o'clock in the morning. I have no desire to be a nuisance. Although I've only ever stayed in hospital one night at a time, I wouldn't want to be woken up to be harassed by some idiot pretending to be a doctor.
My mother says I should put it as they're doing me a favour and helping me learn, so I just have to hope for some old dear who says "you've got to learn somehow, haven't you dear" and does all the talking and therefore all the work. Or that the other students might be happy to pair up, so someone can remind me what I've forgotten, and explain what a Systems Review is supposed to comprise. I'll cram up on the history taking section of my book on the bus tomorrow morning...if I can stay awake.
I have not sufficiently reminded myself that patients don't bite, and that a consultant's bark is likely worse than their bite, though I don't fancy either. Starting to wish my sister had read me the orthopaedic exam questions yesterday as well as the rheumatology ones.

On the plus side, if I can survive tomorrow it means the rest of the rotation should be survivable (possibly not including the on-call session which I already avoided in the first week in the interest of gaining more experience). Now for another night of 6 hours sleep first - priorities!

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